Business structure and lifestyle is drastically changing all over the world. Globalization is influencing all industries in all nations. Many excellent talents are leaving firms whether they like it or not, and start small but creative new businesses. Economic crisis which overwhelmed the world is as if a sign of the end of the existing system. In fact, presence of individual professionals and small enterprises is growing day by day. They are small mammals against gigantic dinosaurs in the Jurassic period. We all know outcome of the survival race; which species went extinct and which survived. Each small entity, however, is not almighty. Each is with limited amount of power and ability. They need to help with one another to survive.

Curiosity Japan is happy to describe itself as a small and powerless mammal. But quickness and versatility that we possess, we believe, cannot be performed by conservative organizations. Our limited resources are dedicated to develop business in Japan and to introduce business from Japan to the world. Industries we have been specialized with are entertainment, amusement, design, printing, digital signage, toy, and art. We need partners from all over the world.

Curiosity Japan is eager to work with people who want to enter into Japanese market. We dare to share dream and success with partners, and construct mutual and creative relationships.


Let us hear your dream. Let us grow it in Japan. Your challenge is my challenge.




Curiosity Japan provides services for your business entry into Japanese market


Market Entry Consulting

Market research, branch-office setup, legal support


Marketing and Sales Representation

Developing business strategy and action plan, lead generation, sales, public relations and promotional activities


Outbound solutions: sales, lead generation, appointment setting, exhibition follow-up, email follow-up, market research & customer surveys, list & database scrubbing

Inbound solutions: ordertaking, customer service, technical support, back office support, email response, catalog and collateral mail fulfillment


Creative Services

Design and production of promotional tools(printing media, videos, web, interactive contents), producing event and exhibition


Translation and Interpretation

English to Japanese, Japanese to English



Curiosity Japan is Japanese agency/distributor of the exciting brands and services

Custom-made Soft Toys from USA

DTP Services from Thailand

Various Content from the world

Tootsie Roll Industries

Life Clothing Co.

Museum of Bad Art


Curiosity Japan is a Tokyo based creative force


We have produced a variety of visual content from top to bottom. Some of the works we have created are attractions, corporate videos, music videos, web movies, and video localization into Japanese.



Zombie Zoo - Umeda Joypolis

Pirate's Plunder - Tokyo Joypolis

BIOHAZARD - Tokyo Joypolis

House of Faires - Fuji Subaru Land

Haunted House by A Missing Doll Craftsman - Umeda Joypolis

Zombie Zoo - Tokyo Joypolis

Ninja Labyrinth - Asakusa Hana Yashiki

TOKYO: GHOUL Deadly Escape - Tokyo Joypolis

KISEIJU: Are You A Parasyte? - Tokyo Joypolis



SADAKO 3D - Umeda Joypolis

SADAKO 3D 2 - Tokyo Joypolis

Hide and Seek with Bakke - Hamanako Palpal



Tokyo Sky Tree Festa - Aqua City Daiba

KOBITO ZUKAN - Sunshine City Ikebukuro

Rock no Gakuen - Miura Coast

Retail Tech - Tokyo Big Sight



Learning Design Center

Keihin Komaku

Tokyo Business Engineering & Aim Next

Interview with the Ex-White House cybersecurity coordinator for Digital Arts



Welcome to Ota City

Down Town Bobsleigh for Ota City

Web Promotion movie for My Pretty Monsters



Japanese localization of corporate videos and events

Closed captioning of over 400 CS/BS TV programs



Logo design

Perspective drawings


and more ...






Company Name: Curiosity Japan

Head Office: 1-10-6 Ishihara Sumida-ku Tokyo 130-0011 JAPAN

CEO: Kaz Kobayashi

Capital: JPY10,000,000

Established: July 1st, 1971

Field of Business: Producing various contents & original products, Artist & creator management, International Business development



BIOGRAPHY / Kaz Kobayashi


Kaz Kobayashi is a bilingual Tokyoite creative organizer with experiences in directing various projects, developing original brand businesses, and managing both marketing and creative divisions.

Kaz a native of Tokyo left Japan to study filmmaking in the US when he was 18 years old. He spent intensive 4 years in California, learned American culture as well as movie production, and acquired proficiency in English language. He produced a 40-min 16mm film as a thesis project and graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz majoring in Theatre Arts, Film Emphasis.

After graduation, Kaz returns to Japan and starts his career in video production industry as an assistant to an American video artist. His role was to translate and interpret in addition to assistant direct music videos. He then moves to a Japanese video production house and gets involved with a variety of projects. 7 years’ experience in this firm promoted Kaz from an assistant director to a producer, and cultivated his versatile project management skills.

Kaz widens his sphere of activities when he took a position of planner/producer of a Tokyo-based design, printing, and package-manufacturing company. His career was no longer limited within video production industry. The firm assigned Kaz to develop original brand businesses with the resources that they possessed. Royalty-free clipart and photography, board game, stereoscopic printing technology was amongst several projects that he was involved with. He was later appointed as General Manager of Business Development Department, in charge of all aspects of marketing and creative activities regarding original brand business of the firm.

Kaz is currently CEO of Curiosity Japan KK, and is exploring new international ventures mainly in entertainment, amusement, design, printing, digital signage, toy, and art industries. Kaz is a native speaker of Japanese with fluency in English (TOEIC 975).



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